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/ viruses / fungi / bacteria / protists / SARS / prions / cells / DNA / medical VIRUSES

HIV / AIDS, Hepatitis C Virus, Smallpox, West Nile Virus, Ebola, Coronavirus (SARS), Influenza Virus, bird FLU, Foot and Mouth Disease Virus, Adenovirus, Bacteriophage, viral entry

HIV virus structure pictureHIV virus structure HIV virion (virus particle) pictureHIV virion HIV life cycle or replication diagramHIV life cycle HIV virus and immune cellsHIV and immune cells
HIV matrix proteinsHIV Matrix protein shell influenza virus structureInfluenza virus structure influenza virusInfluenza virion influenza virus life cycleInfluenza virus life cycle
smallpox virus structure diagramSmallpox virus structure smallpox virion pictureSmallpox virion smallpox virus replication pictureSmallpox virus life cycle Foot and Mouth Disease virus life cycleFoot and Mouth Disease virus life cycle
Bacteriophage T4 virionBacteriophage T4 virions attacking a bacterial cell artwork of bacteriophage phi 29Bacteriophage phi 29 artwork of bacteriophage p22Bacteriophage p 22 artwork of filamentous bacteriophagesFilamentous Phages
bacteriophage lambdaBacteriophage Lambda combined lytic and lysogenic cycles in a bacterial cell artwork of Tobacco Mosaic Virus TMV Tobacco Mosaic Virus scheme of viral entry into animal cellsVirus Entry scheme of viral entry into animal cells Ross River virus life cycleRoss River virus life cycle Ebola virus life cycle imageEbola virus life cycle
West Nile Virus image of group of virus particlesWest Nile Virus Group adenovirus pictureAdenovirus coronavirusCoronavirus coronavirus replication graphicCoronavirus Life Cycle
West Nile Virus particle imageWest Nile Virus West Nile Virus particle on blackWest Nile Virus West Nile Virus structureWest Nile Virus Structure West Nile Virus Structure West Nile Virus Structure
bird flu imagebird flu: reassortment of RNA segments of influenza virus HIV virion (laevo) on blackHIV virion (L) on black HIV virion (laevo) on whiteHIV virion (L) on white art of HIV: structure and appearanceHIV virus particles group showing structure and external appearance
Hepatitis C Virus particleHepatitis C Virus (HCV) Hepatitis C Virus group image Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) group


FUNGI / FUNGUS / YEAST: graphic of Candida albicans

Candida albicans budding yeast image Yeast: Candida albicans


Anthrax (Bacillus anthracis), Yersinia pestis (Plague, Black Death or Bubonic Plague) Generalised Bacterial Cell and Bacterial Cell Walls

Bacterial Cell PictureGeneralised Bacterial Cell Structure Diagram Archaea cell wall, Gram positive Gram positive Archaeal Cell Wall Structure Diagram archaea cell wall, Gram negative Gram negative Archaeal Cell Wall Structure Diagram Gram positive cell wall pictureGram positive Bacterial Cell Wall Structure Diagram Gram Negative Cell Wall picture Gram negative Bacterial Cell Wall Structure Diagram Anthrax image: diagram showing internal structureVegetative Anthrax Bacterial Cell Structure Diagram Yersinia pestis pictureYersinia pestis Plague Bacterial Cell Structure Diagram


PROTISTS/ PROTOZOA/ PARASITES: graphics of Amoeba (Ameba), Paramecium, Cryptosporidium & Giardia

amoeba pictureAmoeba Amoeba Feeding ImageAmoeba Feeding Giardia illustrationGiardia cryptosporidium illustration Cryptosporidium Paramecium illustrationParamecium


SARS or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

SARS virus transmission: male figureSARS virus transmission coronavirusCoronavirus SARS virus portrait CoV: SARS coronavirus replication graphicCoronavirus Life Cycle coronavirus replication on white graphic SARS virus SARS virus on white SARS virus transmissionSARS virus transmission

BSE: prions, mad cow disease

PRIONS: (graphics of BSE, bovine spongiform encephalopathy, Mad Cow Disease, new variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, nvCJD etc.)

Trojan Cow a BSE cartoonTrojan Cow prion pictureillustration of prion replication and spread at the cellular level prions going from cows to humans illustrationillustration of prions spreading from cows to humans Four cowboys of the Apocalypse a BSE Mad Cow cartoonThe Four Mad Cow Boys of the Apocalypse


graphics of Animal Cell, Plant Cell, Cell Ultrastructure, Protein and Cellulose Synthesis

animal cell structure diagramGeneralised Animal Cell Structure Diagram cell junctions pictureCell Junctions Simplified diagram of tight junction, adherens junction, desmosome and gap junctions. plant cell straucture diagramGeneralised Plant Cell Structure Diagram plasmodesmata illustrationPlasmodesmata Diagram
animal cell membraneGeneralised Animal Cell Plasma Membrane Structure Diagram picture of protein synthesisProtein Synthesis Simplified diagram of protein synthesis in the cell plant cell membrane  and wall pictureGeneralised Plant Cell Wall Structure Diagram chloroplast illustrationChloroplast Diagram


cancer cell imageGeneralised Cancer Cells

red blood cells or erythrocytes imageRed Blood Cells or Erythrocytes

Fat Cells or Adipocytes imageObesity: Fat Cells or Adipocytes


nucleic acids: simplified models of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid)

DNA molecule coils 17 bpDNA # 1 DNA 3D; stereo pairDNA # 2
stereo pair
DNA imageDNA # 3 DNA coils + van der WaalsDNA # 4
DNA molecule van der Waals surfacesDNA # 5 DNA base pairingDNA # 6 DNA imageDNA # 7 DNA Adenine Thymine base pair imageDNA # 8
DNA skeleton imageDNA # 9 DNA helix vertical imageDNA # 10 DNA negativeDNA # 11 DNA negativeDNA # 12
DNA negative imageDNA # 13 DNA helix negative imageDNA # 14 DNA helix negative imageDNA # 15
stereo pair
DNA helix negative imageDNA # 16
stereo pair


Anatomical Illustrations: organs, bones

male anatomy: anatomical figure showing major organsMale Anatomical Figure female anatomy: anatomical figure showing major internal organsFemale Anatomical Figure illustration of human femurBones: Femur illustration of human scapulaBones: Scapula
illustration of hand dissectionHand Dissection illustration of testicleTesticle illustration of Peyer's Patch Peyer's Patch human heart illustration Human Heart
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