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images from the video: HIV & AIDS
TOPICS: HIV & AIDS, the virus, transmission, prevention, testing, treatment.

STYLE: Documentary style using an intimate mix of computer graphics and live imagery. Densely packed with information. Voice over commentary with no "talking heads".
FORMAT: VHS (PAL) videotape
DURATION: 33 minutes
YEAR: 1991
PRODUCER: Health Education Video Unit (UK)
DESCRIPTION: Covers TRANSMISSION: sexual, mother to baby, non-sexual, BIOLOGY: history, virus structure and life-cycle, interaction with the immune system. DISEASE: opportunistic infections, cancers, other symptoms, TESTS, TREATMENTS, VACCINATION, PREVENTION: mother to baby, non-sexual, medical, sexual, precautions for travellers, TESTING FOR HIV, SERVICES.
PRICE: No longer available
inc: 1ST PLACE (General Health Information) at Health Sciences Communications Association, CERTIFICATE of CREATIVE EXCELLENCE at US Industrial Film & Video Festival, GOLD PLAQUE AWARD at INTERCOM, FINALIST AWARD at The New York Festivals, GOLD AWARD at WORLDFEST HOUSTON (the largest film & video festival in the world).
".....HIV & AIDS is an excellent educational video, especially for general audiences and medical and other health undergraduate programmes. It is an ideal introductory tape on this subject." Professor John Murtagh, AUSTRALIAN FAMILY PHYSICIAN.

".....ideal for doctors, nurses, psychologists and other health workers who are beginning placements in HIV-related areas. The video graphics of the virus and its attack on the immune system are some of the best available and show that computer graphics will increasingly help us to understand virology...." Dr Julian Gold, THE MEDICAL JOURNAL OF AUSTRALIA

"...The computer-graphics and animation are the best I have seen ... this video is an outstanding introduction..." The Honourable Justice M. D. Kirby A.C., C.M.G., THE AUSTRALIAN LAW JOURNAL

".....will be most useful to nurse educators and others involved in delivering HIV/AIDS education in the tertiary sector and workplace.... Sophisticated computer graphics supported by succinct commentary demonstrate superbly the structure of the virus and its replication......" Vanessa Read, HIV & AIDS Project Coordinator, Australian Nursing Federation, THE AUSTRALIAN NURSES JOURNAL

" extremely easy to understand and is essential viewing for those who wish to understand the virus. We would certainly recommend it for both trainee and senior ambulance personnel, as well as all those involved in the health care field." RESPONSE, The Official Journal of the Institute of Ambulance Officers (Australia)

".....will no doubt be the most informative 33 minutes ever spent in front of the television ... Non-judgemental, accessible and concise, this video should be compulsory viewing for all adults and secondary school children." David Howell, AMBULANCE WORLD, Australia's Journal of Pre-Hospital Emergency Care

"There are a number of videos which deal with the AIDS problem, but none in such a clear and complete way as this one...... It emphasises the biological as well as the social aspects and creates a spellbinding and realistic picture of the natural history of this disease. An excellent investment." Alan Morris, JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL EDUCATION (UK)

"...I was knocked out by the sheer professionalism and clarity of HIV and AIDS ....In my view it should be compulsory viewing for everyone ... We have a duty to pass on such information, so well presented ..." Peter Duttine, OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY & HEALTH (UK)

"...excellent for teaching undergraduates ....The scientific aspects are clearly explained ...This video is well produced and puts the problem of AIDS into a realistic perspective ....A recommended teaching tool for all institutions from secondary to tertiary level...." I. A. Ramshaw, MSc Brun., PhD., Division of Cell Biology, John Curtin School of Medical Research, The Australian National University

"....Excellent for teaching all levels of Health Care and Health Service Personnel. It has also proven valuable in the work I do in the community...." Louise Dearberg, R.N., R.M., Dip.Ap.Science (Nsg Admin.), AIDS Educator, ACT Department of Health

"...very well made ... excellent commentary ... excellent diagrams ...clear, comprehensive ... one of the best videos I've seen in terms of quality of production..." Lyndall Varady, Cataloguing Librarian, WORKSAFE AUSTRALIA, National Occupational Health & Safety Commission
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