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ALL CELLS / Animal Cell : nucleus / nucleolus / nuclear envelope / nuclear pore / centrioles / cell membrane / microtubule / smooth endoplasmic reticulum / rough endoplasmic reticulum / ribosomes / polysomes / lysosome / peroxisome / mitochondrion / Golgi /
animal cell diagram (graphic)

ORGANELLE DIAGRAM: CENTRIOLES: In this picture, the centrioles are the two tube-like objects. They are seen very close to the nucleus (the purple crescent at the bottom of the diagram). Centrioles are bundles of microtubules that sit in a grainy region called the centrosome. From the edge of this region, microtubules assemble and project in ray-like fashion to the edges of the cell. Their central location gives the centrioles (and centrosome) their names.


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